Teeccino 10 Flavors Sampler

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A sampling of 10 Mediterranean & Maya flavors, including: Java, Hazelnut, Mocha, Vanilla Nut, Orange, Almond Amaretto, Chocolate Mint, French Roast, Chai and Chocolate. Each packet brews up three steaming mugs or 6 coffee cups of delicious Teeccino.

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457 reviews for Teeccino 10 Flavors Sampler

  1. E

    Absolutely love this stuff. The samplers are a good way to figure out what you like, and there is no shipping!!

  2. Rylie

    After buying this sampler, I am officially obsessed with teeccino! I ordered their sampler package because I wasn’t sure what flavor I would end up liking, and I ended up liking the majority of them. The French roast is my favorite, and taste the most like coffee in my opinion. Next is hazelnut, vanilla nut, and the maca chocolate. However there were a few that I just couldn’t get on board with, like the mint chocolate. The mint flavor was too overpowering, and the chocolate way too subtle. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the chai, which was disappointing because I’m normally a huge chai lover. Overall, I’m happy I purchased. The flavors that I do love, i have already repurchased in bigger quantities! I think this sampler made me a fan for life. So happy to finally find a coffee substitute that is good for me and taste good also!

  3. Tommie

    My husband and I were looking for coffee alternative…to lessen our caffeine intake. His PT recommended several brands including Teeccino. I ordered the sample set. We haven’t tasted every flavor yet, but are truly enjoying this new experience. For me the “coffee” is about the experience and flavor. Brewing in the French Press or the Keurig are my go to methods and each present a lovely cup of “joe”. We travel a bit, so I may be exploring the teas for the portable aspect.

  4. Brenda Liggett

    Pretty neat idea letting us try all the different flavors. I am going to try the dandelion brand due to thinking I need a break from the barley.
    Thank you for giving us such an array of choices to figure out what is good for us individually.

  5. Babetta

    The sampler is a great way to share teechino with others.;The variety is great and the size perfect. It’s also a way for me to enjoy variety as I drink a cup or three every day and latte treat after work without worrying about sleep later.

  6. Jeanne

    I am glad that I ordered the sampler. I have not tried all the flavors yet but I will not be disappointed. I am trying to ween off coffee because the acid affects me. I am glad that Teechino is non acidic and has coffee flavor. It does taste a little different than regular coffee but it is delicious. I am going to try it iced also. I like all the herbs and nutritional benefits of Teechino. I will definitely buy Teechino in the future. It is my goal to try all the flavors.

  7. Nancy Plummer

    I sought an alternative to tea. Have to say that all my family has always hated Chicory so I was reluctant to try. LOL Wow tastes great!!! This is amazing with a very (to me) umami flavor.

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