Shanna brings Teeccino to a party…guests loved Teeccino more than “real” coffee!

This month we selected long-time ambassador, Shanna, for our ambassador of the month! We love how she feels she is “paying it forward” by sharing Teeccino. Here’s a little something to pay it right on back to you, Shanna! We hope you enjoy your $25 gift card!

From Shanna:

“I attended an 80th birthday brunch and knew Teeccino would be a perfect match to all the morning food fixin’s. I heard someone say the coffee alternative was great because the “real” coffee tasted horrible! Having an opportunity to share options with those around me is my favorite part about being an ambassador for Teeccino. Especially when someone says they miss drinking coffee, but they just can’t handle the affects of it anymore. This was the reason I found Teeccino many years ago, so it feels like I’m paying a little gift forward when I introduce someone new to the amazing benefits of Teeccino.”

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