Office party for two pregnant women with Teeccino!

This month we selected Grace as our ambassador of the month. Congrats Grace, we hope you enjoy your Teeccino gift card!

We chose Grace for our ambassador of the month because she hosted an office party for not one, but two pregnant women in her office and served Teeccino! Pregnant women are often advised to avoid caffeine, which leaves many of them missing coffee dearly! That is when Teeccino steps in to deliver the deep, roasted taste of coffee, without any of the caffeine.

“I brewed two air-pots full of Dandelion Caramel Nut Teeccino for a baby shower we had at my office today. It’s perfect for pregnant women, and we have two in our office right now. I sent an email to everyone earlier this morning letting them know that there was Teeccino already brewed in the conference room, which gave me an opportunity to communicate that it is caffeine-free, gluten-free, and that it has inulin in it which is a prebiotic and good for gut health. I know of several people in my office who are on special diets, and at least one person who cannot do caffeine at all. It was very well received. Drinking two air-pots worth of Teecino is pretty good for an office of about 23 people. Everyone liked the flavor, and the free sample tee-bags were a big hit.
We all really enjoyed it. Thanks for supporting our office party, and hopefully we’ll have more at the next baby shower!
Attached are a few photos – one of the Teeccino table, and a couple others (including the happy couple).
All my best,
Grace Wilson
(Austin, TX)”

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