Gluten Free Lifestyle – Ambassador of the Month – June 2019


Congratulations to our Ambassador of the Month, Misty Burks! Thank you for having us at your Gluten-Free lifestyle event!


Check out below for Misty’s recap of her Teeccino event:


“June 15th was our Gluten-Free event! We introduced Gluten free products and Teeccino was one of those products and we served it as well.
The people at our event just went and poured themselves a Teeccino drink and never knew it wasn’t coffee!!

I had a few people that said oh my gosh I thought I was drinking coffee, it is so good.

I made a big batch of the Gluten free Dandelion Caramel nut and everyone thought it was so tasty and (coffee, but it wasn’t .) The only reason anyone knew any difference in what they were drinking, is because I talked about how I cannot do coffee because it swells me up from the protien in it and I have to watch what I consume because of gluten.

I also spoke on all the benefits of Teeccino and that just because you give up coffee, does not mean you have to give up on taste.  I think Teeccino tastes even better than coffee!

We also had nutpod creamer, so that people who liked more of a treat, they had that option! I absolutely love Teeccino and everyone else seemed to enjoy it as well. Teeccino samples also went in every attendees swag bags, which were so chic!!
This was a gluten free class and the Teeccino went over so well and I had a lot of people who also Loved the Teechia we made up. It was so easy and so very tasty. We made up the blueberry date Teechia. We will definitely have another Event and Teeccino will be there again!!
I have an affiliate link so attendees were also given that information so that when they left the Event, they could purchase Teeccino and feel good about having something healthy coming in the mail.” – Misty Burks


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