More Than Just a Cup
My Adventure Creating Magical Moments of Connection with Teeccino Herbal Brews

Connected, supported women thrive; yet, the very things we do as women and mothers force many into a type of isolation, especially from each other, accomplishing our daily tasks alone.

Connections are community. Whatever type of community each of us may envision, tools to create a platform for meaningful connection can be hard to find. I believe there are very few things a cup of tea with a sister won’t help. I feel even better knowing Teeccino is the most healthy, uplifting, rich and satisfying herbal brew I can offer. I set off with my bestie for adventure, ready to connect with women I had developed friendships with online, and make new friends along the way.

Leaving Seattle, Miracle Hot Springs, Buhle, Idaho was our first stop. Even lounging in the pools, there were many opportunities to share the healthful benefits of Teeccino, and offer some samples to enjoy. I was not surprised that a guest had tried Teeccino, and of course, she was delighted to find it!
I made sure to leave samples behind! Not only were the Hot Springs staff excited to try Teeccino, but I introduced the product to the manager to consider as an offering for their guests.


Back on the Road and Aiming for Nevada, we continued along. I reflected on the ways our lives can be strengthened by social media, using it to form real and lasting friendships and learn from others worldwide. Sharing a cup seems the most natural and universal ceremony of connection.

The Sisterhood I experienced online, was even more fulfilling in person, and we found eachother to be authentic and relaxed in friendship. Sharing Teeccino may have just added that extra spark of magical “Je ne sait pas” that inspired me to go and to begin building the vision of creating communities of connected women.


From Nevada, we traveled to California and stopped in at the Teeccino Headquarters! Our warm reception was amazing. We toured the facility and learned about the development of Teeccino and Caroline MacDougall’s journey. The more I learn about the company and the product, the more I feel excited to pass along all of the benefits of Teeccino. After all is said and done, it really is more than just a cup: it is a moment to savor, health nurturing, and a kindness.

I’m back home now and I’ve prepared a list of businesses whose patrons I believe will appreciate and even return for a Teeccino experience. I will be introducing myself and giving samplers to the managers. One is a coffee shop who offers store type teas and will delight their customers with a Teeccino Latte or brew. There are Bed and Breakfasts who use teas in their patrons gift baskets, and I have spoken with a local Yoga and Tea Café owner: She can’t wait for me to bring samples for her to try.


Teeccino has the ability to help create the kind of moments that feel truly and deeply good, the kind of moments and feeling people remember. After all, it is the way that someone made us feel that we remember more than anything, and there are places I can see being enhanced by adding Teeccino.


I consider sharing Teeccino to be and act of kindness and I want Caroline MacDougall’s vision of supporting small sustainable farms and delivering exceptional Herbal Brews to be fulfilled and shared. Teeccino is much more than just a cup of tea, after all. – Meagan Daniels

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